What is the Structure-Function Linkage Database (SFLD) archive?

  • A hierarchical classification of enzymes that relates specific sequence-structure features to specific chemical capabilities
  • An archive of data useful for investigating sequence-structure-function relationships and hypothesizing function
  • More...

How can I use the SFLD archive?

(see the tutorials for examples)

What makes the SFLD unique?

How does the SFLD archive differ from the original SFLD?

  • The archive does not contain interactive functionality found in the original SFLD, such as search capabilities
  • The archive is a static snapshot of the data in the SFLD as of April 2019, and will not be updated

How can I access chemical similarity networks?

  • Chemical similarity networks, such as those calculated for the MEERCat paper (PMID: 32449511) can be downloaded from the “Download Archived Data” tabs for the curated subgroups and families of Enolase, Haloacid dehalogenase, and Radical SAM superfamilies. The MEERCat paper describes an infrastructure for linking enzyme reactions and ligands to their associated proteins using the Enolase superfamily as a detailed example.