Top Level Name

  ⌊ Superfamily (extended) Radical SAM 3-amino-3-carboxypropyl Radical Forming

 ⌊ Structures There are 1 unique sequences represented by 2 PDB crystal structures

Accession IDs PDB ID Title Molecule Name Number of
Resolution (Å) Mutant? Het group Chimera Session Links
O58832 3LZC Crystal Structure Of Dph2 From Pyrococcus Horikoshii Dph2 2 2.26 CSA • PDB • PDBSum
3LZD Crystal Structure Of Dph2 From Pyrococcus Horikoshii With 4Fe-4S Cluster Dph2 2 2.1 Iron/Sulfur Cluster • Sulfate Ion CSA • PDB • PDBSum
Percent identity and alignment length from the BLAST match of the Functional Domain sequence to the PDB sequence.
"Yes" indicates that a GI associated with this Functional Domain was mapped to the PDB ID via UniProtKB.
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